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Standard Steel Model 2 + Horween Leather Sheath (4 Styles)

Gift set featuring our popular Model No. 2 Standard stainless steel comb along with a Horween leather sheath in your choice of colors Dublin Black, English Tan, or the ultra-premium reverse Shell Cordovan (either Olive or Color 8).

The comb is 4 inches (10 centimeters) long, with fine teeth. The patented design adds extra functionality to hang up the comb after use, or pull it out of your pocket Wild West-style and twirl it around your finger. Also makes a great general purpose pocket or travel comb.

The sheaths are made of leather from Chicago's world famous Horween tannery, which has been making the finest leathers in the same location since 1905. Only the best. Both the comb and leather sheath are made in USA.