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Model № 3 Black Titanium - Skulls Limited Edition (Slightly Imperfect)

Available only for a limited time:  the Model 3 Black Titanium comb paired with the iconic "Skulls" design on the back side.

Model 3 is acclaimed for its elegant reinterpretation of the most classic comb designs. With sleek and graceful lines, it's the ultimate hair comb, built to last a lifetime. The only combs in the world made of pure American titanium. Strong and light, and incredibly durable. 

The back of the comb is laser-etched with Artist Kostya Sha's iconic Skulls design, which finds inspiration in traditional Aztec and Latin American skull art. Dating back many centuries, skull art honors mortality and the afterlife. Kostya Sha's Skulls is a modern take on this classic art form.  The comb has slight imperfections in the finish (which most customers may not even notice); nonetheless, it is a very impressive item.

5.5 inches (14 centimeters) long, with medium-fine size teeth. Works well with most hair types. The Black Titanium has a smooth graphite black finish which is as strong as diamond and resists scuffs and scratches. Made in USA.  Add an optional Horween leather sheath - Dublin Black in particular pairs well with this comb.