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Mirror Stainless Steel Model 3

Model 3 has been widely acclaimed for its elegant reinterpretation of the most classic comb designs. With its sleek and graceful lines, it's the ultimate hair comb, built to last a lifetime.

Made in USA of high quality stainless steel and carefully polished for smooth and comfortable daily use. 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) long, with medium-fine teeth. Works well with most hair types, especially fine and thinner hair. The Mirror version has a beautifully bright, reflective finish. 

Add optional custom-engraving or an amazing leather made of leather from Chicago's world famous Horween tannery, which has been making the finest leathers in the same location since 1905. The Dublin Black and English Tan sheaths are made of top-quality Horween cowhide.

The Olive and Color 8 sheaths are made of ultra-rare Shell Cordovan, which is reversed to show the ink stamp of Chicago's famous Horween tannery, of the few places on earth where this rare equine leather is created by hand in a process taking six months and over 100 separate steps.  Leather sheaths and engraving sold separately.