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Sheath - English Tan Horween Leather (Slightly Imperfect)

Custom leather sheath specially designed to fit your Chicago Comb. English Tan color. Hand-crafted by Ashland Leather using famous Dublin cowhide leather from Chicago's Horween tannery, which has been making the world's finest leathers at the same location since 1905. An amazing leather that is infused with natural waxes to achieve the famous Horween "pull up" effect: when folded and flexed, waxes in the leather migrate, giving a lovely tonal effect. 

​This is a listing for slightly imperfect sheaths which may have a small dent or discoloration in the leather. Made of the same high quality Horween cowhide leather as our regular priced sheaths, but with small imperfection. In many cases, the "imperfections" are just natural variations in the leather, but they tend to be more visible in English Tan Dublin than other leathers because this leather has less dye and pigment than most other leathers. Save 30% off the regular price.  Combs sold separately.  No returns on imperfect sheaths please.