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Model № 4 Black Titanium

Model 4 is inspired by combs from the luxurious Jet Age of the 1960s. During that era, airlines gave their first class passengers gift sets with sleek, rectangular combs. Model 4 is imbued with the same optimism and elegance. It's the ultimate hair comb, built to last a lifetime. Smooth, strong, and light, and incredibly durable.

4 inches (10 centimeters) long, with medium-fine size teeth (tines). Works well with most hair types. Can be used as a general purpose pocket comb, or as a beard and mustache comb. Made of pure American titanium with a smooth graphite black finish that is as strong as diamond and resists scuffs and scratches. Made in USA.

As an option, add an amazing Horween leather sheath in your choice of colors Dublin Black, English Tan, or the ultra-premium reverse Shell Cordovan (either Olive or Color 8).  Leather sheaths sold separately. Optional custom-engraving is also available.

The comb is also available without our company logo - please let us know if you'd like a "No Logo" version when you order.