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The Chicago Pet Comb

The Pet Comb, made in USA by Chicago Comb. Large size for dogs, cats, horses, and other animals with long, thick, or curly fur. Made of naturally anti-static Carbon Fiber composite, which is smooth, durable and light. Superior to regular pet combs made with metal pins that are heavy, feel cold to the touch, and can poke and scratch your animal.

Large 8 inch (20 centimeter) long size, with both wider and finer tines. Rounded tips designed to provide the ultimate in gentle, comfortable grooming. Wider tines for gently removing knots, detangling, and releasing dander, loose hair, and dirt that may be trapped beneath fur. Finer tines for more detailed grooming and styling.

Proudly made in USA by Chicago Comb, maker of the world's finest combs for humans and their animal friends.

Also available with optional custom-engraving.