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Mirror Stainless Steel Model 5

Model No. 5 is the ultimate wide-tooth rake comb. The Long 5.5 inch (14 cm) version is ideal for detangling and styling. Works especially well with thick, long, and curly hair. The more compact Short 4 inch (10 cm) version is a great pocket or travel comb. Both combs also work well for bigger beards.

Model 5 is made of high quality American stainless steel, laser-cut for precision and then carefully polished to ensure that the surfaces and edges are smooth, rounded, and gentle. The Model 5 Mirror combs have a smooth, bright and reflective finish. Made in USA and built to last a lifetime.

To customized your comb, add an optional Horween leather sheath.  The Olive and Color 8 sheaths are made of ultra-rare Shell Cordovan, which is reversed to show the ink stamp of Chicago's famous Horween tannery, of the few places on earth where this rare equine leather is created by hand in a process taking six months and over 100 separate steps.  Other sheath colors are available here.  Sheaths and custom-engraving sold separately.