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Guest Feature by Matthew Burke, Editor in Chief and Founder of Rough and Tumble Gentleman

Father's Day is right around the corner, and many of you are trying to find the perfect gift for your dad. As always, we're here to help.

Below, we've got the perfect gift, categorized by the type of guy your father is. Some of these types are pretty specific, but some are universal.

We'll start with a very popular type of dad, and help you if…

You've Got a Sentimental Dad

Some of us have fathers who are a bit “old school.” You know they love you, but they're not overly sentimental, and they don't go on and on about how they feel.

Others of us have dads who wear their emotions on their sleeves. They tell you they love you all the time, sometimes to the point where it gets to be a little bit much, and they appreciate thoughtfulness and consideration.

Both types are great, and if you've got the stiff-upper-lip kind of dad, he'll probably appreciate the Chicago Comb Model 6—it's the tried-and-true, conventionally manly comb with closely-spaced tines on one side and widely-spaced tines on the other. Simple, clean, classic.

Sentimental dads are a bit tricky, though, and here's what we recommend: The Model No. 3 - Standard Stainless Steel, with the evenly-spaced tines and sturdy design.

But here's the clincher that makes it perfect for the sentimental dad: have it engraved. An engraved comb will last your dad's entire lifetime (as well as yours), making it an ideal family heirloom, and a simple message—"Happy Father's Day"—fits within the 20-character engraving limit. Perfect!

And, if you've got a sentimental dad but you never know how to write a card for him, we've got you covered.

Here you go:
Dear Dad,
I thought you'd like this. It reminds me of you: strong, reliable, always ready to help. Happy Father's Day.
< your name >
You're welcome.

You've Got the Dad Who Adores His Pet

It's almost a trope: Dad doesn't want pet; family buys pet; Dad becomes inseparable from pet. It happens all the time, and there's even a subreddit dedicated to the phenomenon with literally thousands of photos of dads and their new best friends.

And, just a heads up: if you visit that subreddit, you'll be there for a while—it's pretty heartwarming.

If "obsessed with his pet" describes your dad, you may like the Large Carbon Fiber Pet Comb, for Animals with Long, Thick, Curly Fur. It's strong enough to run through thick pet fur, but also smooth and sleek enough to do so without causing any discomfort for the animal. Good for cats, good for dogs, good for llamas, good for unicorns.

Bonus: an engraved Pet Comb can be a double-whammy if your dad is a combo of "Pet Dad" and "Sentimental Dad."

You've Got a Hip/Stylish Dad

It used to be that becoming a dad signified... how do we put this? A “death of personal style.” Dads traded the Mustang keys for the minivan keys, and then off came leather jacket and on came the windbreaker.

That's not really the case anymore, and dads—many of them, anyway—somehow keep their sense of style during their dadding years. If that's your pops, we'd suggest one of our Skeleton Design Combs or our Day of the Dead Comb. Both skeleton art and combs embrace a sort of retro cache, while also being eternally fashionable, and every culture around the world has its own version of a Day of the Dead festival, and combs themselves are among the oldest artifacts found at most archeological dig sites. It’s hard to argue with “forever popular”!

Plus, skeleton art is incredibly pliable—regardless of your dad's personal style, skeletons usually fit with it.

You've Got a Dad Who Loves Wet Shaving

In the last few years, we've seen a renewed interest in traditional wet shaving—that is, using old-school safety razors to get rid of stubble and beards. Many guys who make the jump from dinky disposable razors to the cold, hard steel of safety razors report that they no longer get rashes or razor burn, and that's fantastic.

If you've got a dad who's really into wet shaving, we've got two combs that pair nicely with the look of most safety razors: the Model No. 1 - Mirror Stainless Steel and the Model No. 3 - Mirror Stainless Steel. Safety razors are made of polished chrome and guys who are into wet shaving love that look—and both of those combs fit that aesthetic.

If you go with either of these models, tell him that the comb is shiny like the T-1000 Terminator. Chances are he'll love that.

You've Got a Dad with Curly Hair

If you've got a dad who 1) is lucky enough to still have hair, and 2) has hair that is somehow still thick and curly, he'll be the first to tell you that he needs a special comb to work with.

For dads with thick, curly hair, we've got the Model No. 7 Carbon Fiber Comb. It's specifically made to glide through and detangle hair-and its long tines can not only unsnarl knots, but they can actually give hair more "lift" and create more volume.

Chicago Combs has a range of combs made for men and women with different types of hair, and with different spaces between the teeth, and you can read more about sizing here.

You’ve Got a Bearded Dad

If there’s one eternal, always-fashionable look for men, it’s “beards.” Throughout pretty much every culture during every time period, beards and facial hair are seen as signs of maturity, ability, and dignity (and very often as status symbols or religious symbols). Lots of dads absolutely love their beards, and it’s hard to imagine them without one.

The only thing is—a beard can get pretty ghastly if you don’t take care of it! In order to keep it from looking unruly, you need to trim it regularly; in order to keep from becoming a stinky, smelly mess, you need to oil it often (and a scented beard oil can help); and in order to keep it from looking like a recently-abandoned bird's nest, you need to comb that sucker as often as possible.

Some good news: you don’t really need to put too much thinking into which of our beard combs with work! Whatever you choose will be a great choice for beards. The only caveat would be if your dad has a super-thick or super-curly beard, and then we’d recommend one of our Model 1, 5, 6, 7, or 8 combs—any of those are great for thick beards.

If you’ve got a bearded dad, you may also want to consider a sheath—bearded guys love to preen throughout the day, and a sheath is a great protective tool for a comb (and we’ll talk about that in a moment).

You've Got a Dad That Does Business Stuff

Unless your dad has a specific job, like "lawyer" or "fireman" or "high school teacher" or something like that, you may not know exactly what he does. If he works in an office, chances are he's explained his work to you, and you only -kind of- get what he’s talking about.

If that's the case, your dad does "Business Stuff," and we've got the perfect present for him: Combs as Corporate Gifts, with your dad's corporate logo engraved on the comb itself. He can give these to colleagues, hand them out at sales calls, use them for marketing, whatever. They're useful, they display the companies name and logo, and they last forever—they're the *perfect* corporate gift.

You've Got a Dad Who Wears a Lot of Suits

This one is related to the "Stylish Dad" gift, but for a different type of style: the Dapper Dad.

If you’ve got a father who loves bespoke suits and pocket squares and wingtips and things like that, he may really appreciate any of our combs, but coupled with one of our Horween Leather and Waxed Canvas Sheaths. Our comb sheaths are hand-crafted by Ashland Leather, created in Chicago's very own Horween tannery, which has been perfecting the craft of leather-making for more than a century.

Any of these colors would go great with a grey suit, but we're partial to the Crimson Red, Lake Blue, and English Tan tones. Dapper indeed!

You've Got a Dad Who Waxes Nostalgic About When Things Were Well Made

Here we are at our final suggestion, and we're willing to bet that the "Dad Who Waxes Nostalgic About When Things Were Well-Made" is pretty much every dad—which makes this something of a universal gift.

Chicago Comb is actually founded around the principle of well-made goods. As we've said, we want our products to endure—to last the test of time—and we take a lot of pride in them. They’re made here, in the U.S., and you can tell him that—he'll probably appreciate it.

So which comb would be a good pick for your dad? Any one you pick is a good choice! Life isn’t always like that, and it's nice knowing you can't go wrong, isn't it?

With that said, if we had to suggest a single product, we'd point you to the Model No. 3 - Titanium. With a line of tines as straight as an arrow, and an arch that would make a Roman aqueduct jealous, the No. 3 Titanium will stand the test of time. It will outlast all of us, much like your father's love for you, and his love for dad jokes.

With that in mind...

Wrapping Up Our Recommendations, Dad-Style

"Comb" through our suggestions, and "pick" one that suits your dad. Take your "tine" (sorry—take your “time”) and choose a model he'll love.* You really can’t go wrong.  

We hope there's something "hair"—sorry, something “here”—that works for you. Thanks for visiting, and Happy Father's Day!

*Even by "dad joke standards," that was pretty awful. Our apologies!

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